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If you are willing to learn and work on your dream


You must be able to work out your way, and to exert your strength


Words of the General Secretary

When Sunny was young, he used to be a decadent youth. Based on his spirit of ‘Despite the low educational level, family background and lack of experience, if I am willing to learn and work, I must be able to work out my way’, he work hard and eventually became a senior animator with rich experience participating in productions of animation film and film effects. Taking advantage on his experience, Sunny encouraged and guided a lot of youth to face their difficulties, retrieving their direction from the situation of not employed, engaged and trained. He lets the youth to learn that they can find they way in animation productions.

 In year 2010, Sunny is nominated to be one of the ‘Hong Kong Spirit Ambassadors’; he obtained the Art Education Award, Art Development Award by Hong Kong Art Development Council in year 2014.

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Our Ministries

“To empower by nurturing interest, to achieve life goals by creativity.”

Project emphasis

Works on the follow areas to explore the direction of youth, their capability and life qualities.

Profession and Culture

Professional Digital Artists Training

Facilitate youth with motivation to get equipped as professional animators, filming, game and art professionals.


Perspectives for the Creative Industries

Guide the youth to comprehend different viewpoints in art creation, and to implement professional production.


Explore Creative Cultures

Facilitate the youth to inspire creative mind by reviewing the development of multi-media creative culture


Youth Development

Youth Community Life

Through professional training and group creation, guide the youth to build stable life habit, to implement mentorship and to nurture their positive value and interpersonal relationship.



To provide a long-lasting life support among youth and mentors.

Youth Life Development

Guide the youth to understand their growth in life, learn to reconstruct and review their life with the support of the mentorship, and to explore their self-identity and vocation.


Community Implementation

Field Observation

Arrange field visits of creative industries or seminar host by professional artists, letting the youth to experience the mode of commercial production.

Integrative Project

Assist the youth to integrate their learning and to figure out their career path by focusing on the process of problem solving in a 3-month-fieldwork simulation.


Networking and Career

Through the network among creative agencies, facilitate the job matching of graduates.


Community Resource Support

Provide community resources such as case referral to fulfill needs of youth with different condition.

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