Our Mission

To gather different youth teams’ forces and spirit to build a community with equality, care and harmony.

About us

Act Plus Education Foundation Ltd (Act+) is a non-profit making organization founded by a team of professionals in year 2012.  Act+ focus on developing creativities and technical skills in computer graphics / animation industry for Hong Kong teenagers.  In additional to vocational training to teenagers, Act+ also equip them with adequate effective communication skills in particular English presentation skills and most important inspiring them positive thinking attitude to pursue lifelong learning. We provide innovative services in education, career support and consultation services to HK youths with priority serving those from underprivileged families.

Our goal is to gather different youth teams’ forces and spirit to build a community with equality, care and harmony.

Current situation in Hong Kong

Unemployment issues for Underprivileged Youth

Unemployed youth usually suffers from low self-esteem, lack of identity & long-term planning. This situation is especially challenging among underprivileged youth who are deprived of professional skills & growth opportunities. Intergenerational poverty also brings a downward spiral effect on underprivileged youth.

Huge Opportunities in Creative Industries

In recent years, creative industries around the world are experiencing rapid development with growth in breadth and depth. As loyal consumers in a new world of animations, comics, games and other digital products & services, many young people want to join the exciting creative industry. We believe that with professional training, lifeskill coaching & quality mentorships, our youth with fresh creative ideas and innovative energy will bring major breakthroughs to this dynamic industry.

New Opportunities for Underprivileged Youth

Traditional education and vocational training have relatively high barrier to entry for underprivileged youth. In an industry where hands-on experience is often more important than theoretical learnings.  Our underprivileged youth will shine provided that they receive professional training from industry practitioners and career & life coaching from caring counsellors.

Mission Statement

“In collaboration with different resources and sectors to provide training and assist the underprivileged youth of Hong Kong to become leaders in the creativity industries, and equip them with the necessary skills and professionalism.”

Our Vision

To provide quality and professional creative works for the business community of Hong Kong. Recognized as a brand leader and an incubator for training young people in the creative industry.

Our Objectives

Empower Youth by cultivating their innovative interests to achieve their life goals in professional creative industries


1. Understand Industry & Career Exploration

Provide sharing sessions & workshops to students

Understand & partner with the creative industries in Hong Kong & beyond

Cultivate interests and self-exploration


2. Professional Equipping & Holistic Development

Provide short-term and long-term training programs

Mentor young talents to become professional artists

Special care for the underprivileged youth


3.Mentoring & Support Network to Graduates

Follow up with graduates throughout their careers in creative industries

Provide leadership training & mentors to harness our network resources


With the leadership of experienced board members, high caliber of operation team, collaborative support by reputable partners, Act+ will always strive for excellence to serve the society in good faith.

Board of Directors 2017/2018:


Vice Chairman:




Mr. Chu Ki Kwan, David

Dr. Choi Yuen Wan, Philemon  &  Mr. Yung Tse Kwong, Steven

Mr. Fan Wai Man, Mark

Ms. Chung Suk Ching, Aster

Mr. Ngai Shu Chiu

Mr. C.L. Yu, Desmond


General Secretary:  Mr. Tang Yat Shing, Sunny

Social Enterprise Project Advisors:

Mr. Ling Ho Wan, Howard

Mr. Yeung Chi Kong

Mr. Paul Lo



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Youth Global Network

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Tai Nam Industrial Co. Ltd.

U1 Digital Entertainment Group ltd.

Master Mind Education Ltd.


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